Dutch firm Koudijs Animal Nutrition — subsidiary Royal De Heus.

Koudijs Animal Nutrition

De Heus was founded in 1911 and has grown to the extent of international leading manufacturer and exporter of full range of premixes, concentrates and Full-feed. Group company De Heus included in the top 15 suppliers of feed in the world, with 4,500 employees and it is represented in 60 countries due to the speedy progress outside the Netherlands, in foreign markets.

In all countries, the company has its own well-equipped laboratory for feed control for all animal species, own research farm and maintains cooperation with local academic institutions to acquire knowledge and disseminating them with the help of their own academy Feed Academy.

70% success — is the effective management of the husbandry, so it is necessary to improve it and use well balanced feed!



In 2009, Ltd D- MIX began(had been beginning) to implement a joint project with the Dutch partner — Koudijs Animal Nutrition. Our partners operate in a global scale. This cooperation is based not only on fodder, but also on training programs for consultants — employees «D-Mix», on analysis of feed quality, professional support in customer service.

Due to partnership we improve our feeding programs and marketing policy in the market. The aim of our partnership is a high quality product that will provide our customers — farmers (producers of pork, chicken, eggs, milk, beef) positive financial effect.

Koudijs Animal Nutrition has its own research centers, powerful laboratories and modern plant for the production of premixes, additives and ready feeds. Total company has 49 factories producing feed and feed additives in a worldwide. With their help we improve our construction projects, marketing policy on the market, promote our products. This cooperation is based not only on fodder, but on training programs for consultants — employees of «D-Mix»,it is basen on the analysis of feed quality, professional support in customer service also. In the near future the two companies plan to expand joint production, upgrade laboratory analysis of feed in Ukraine. In cooperation with the Dutch company KOUDIJS we are planning to organize the so-called School of farmers also. With this project we will be able to pass extensive experience of Dutch company to Ukrainian farms. The main aspects of the study will be modern technologies of livestock rearing and implementation of successful management in farms.

Together for better results!