D-Mix is:

  • a high-tech plant producing animal fodders of the highest quality;
  • nurture and keeping of domestic poultry;
  • elevator complex which provides the services of purification, drying and preservation of agricultural crops;
  • plant of processing of sunflower, rape and soybeans with a productivity of 150 tons a day.

D-Mix is a leader among Ukrainian companies selling fodders. However, we keep on developing.

We produce qualitative fodders for animals or the sake of qualitative products for the Ukrainians.

Arguments in favor of D-Mix products are easy, but convincing:

  • Our fodders are made of perfect raw stuff mixed in the exact proportions;
  • Fodders can be in pellets orloose;
  • You can receive products in convenient and safe sacks or in professional vacuum bags (which help to save all nutritious features and taste of the fodder);
  • D-Mix fodders look good and smell great. We pay attention even to such tiny details.


Assortment and Approach to the Production

Among the D-Mix assortment, you will find more than 100 types of combined feeds for poultry, pigs, cattle and rabbits. Taking into account needs of different types of livestock and needs of separate farms, D-Mix experts constantly improve and widen the assortment. For now, it consists of combined feeds, full and partial concentrates, premixes and milk substitutes.

Despite the significant list of goods, every pack of fodder and every pelletmeet the highest European standards and requirements for proper and balanced feeding of livestock.

We are responsible for every D-Mix pellet and guarantee its highest quality.

Equipment and Team

The D-Mix company follows European approach to conducting business. Thus, you will find only modern equipment at the plant and the very process is almost fully automatic. Every stage of work is accurately programmed. In addition, the process is under the control of plant employees. Most of them underwent the professional training in European companies.

Vehicles used for transportation of raw stuff and fodder are adjusted for such a load. Their technical equipment allows transporting without damaging quality or integrity of goods.

We guarantee the quality of D-Mix fodders since the stage when we purchase raw stuff and till the stage when you buy our products from a distributor or farmer. Even after that, when livestock consumes D-Mix combined feeds, we are sure of their usefulness and nutritious value.

D-Mix Global Mission

The main mission of the D-Mix company is to provide professional and private sector farms of Ukraine with professional fodder for livestock.All other aims are also based on this mission:

  • To promote development and increase profitability of producers of meat, milk and eggs;
  • To support the development of Ukrainian economy and appearance of cheap and qualitative foodstuff in the stores;
  • To take care of the environment.

We understand that the population of our planet is constantly increasing. Thus, we consider it our responsibility to take part in quick and efficient production of foodstuff for people. We trust in our aims and strive to achieve them side by side with our partners.

Awards We Are Proud Of

If people work fora lofty goal, they need no awards. Making efforts for the sake of such a big deal and its results is already our award. However, the words of acknowledgement and praise are pleasant for every employee. These words not only please, but also oblige. They oblige us to prove that we worth to be trusted.