Nurture and keeping of domestic poultry


Limited Liability Company “Agrol” was founded at the beginning of 2000 and since it has been actively working in an agricultural sector.

LLC “Agrol” belongs to the group of companies “D-Mix” and it is its production unit. The main direction of enterprise activity is a nurture of broiler chickens according to the modern technologies to provide Ukrainian market with high quality poultry.

domestic poultry

The production capacity of poultry factory consists of the following:

  • 19 modern poultry houses;
  • nurture of 4 million of chickens a year;
  • realization of broiler chicken poultry in the amount of 10 000 tons a year.

Poultry complex “Agrol” is equipped with modern equipment of leading world manufacturers. The process of nurture of broilers chickens is maximum automatized. The control of productive parameters is realized with the providing of computer equipment. During the nurture cycle all factors which influence a healthy development of broilers are controlled, namely the dosage and periodicity of feeding, the level of luminosity, humidity and temperature regime.

LLC “D-Mix” provides a poultry factory “Agrol” with feeds of its own feed plant.