• Poultry

    Combined feeds by D-Mix contain the whole complex of nutrients necessary for poultry.

    Due to equal pellets and balanced premix or PVMS, livestock receivesequipollent qualitative and nutritious diet.

    Maximum weight during the slaughter, lots of eggs and healthy poultry – these are the results of feeding with D-Mix combined feeds.

  • Pigs

    Pigs need special fodder.

    D-Mix products for pigs not only digest well and sate, but also strengthen the health of animals. Yet the conversion of fodder stays low.

    Our fodder intensifies growth of pigs and stimulates their immunity due to the properly selected complex of vitamins, minerals and special supplements.

    D-Mix – good for pigs, profitable for owner.

  • Cattle

    D-Mix fodder for cattle is a special concept of feeding and breeding animals.

    Due to our feeding cattle program, you will be able to breed young stock in a proper way. Thus, a healthy heifer will grow into a highly productive cow.

    D-Mix fodders are also good for beef cattle, because they acceleratethe process of gaining muscle mass and shorten fattening time.

  • Rabbits

    Beautiful skin and tasty meat – thanks to D-Mix!

    Usually rabbits are bred in conditions of limited space – in a cage. Thus, it is extremely important to provide animals with rich in necessary nutrients fodder.

    Combined feeds for rabbits by D-Mix contain only digestible and useful components, which directly improve the quality of meat.

    The fodder contains vitamins due to which skin becomes smooth and shiny.

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